Dr. Gayle Shimokaji and doctors of 2020 Ophthalmic Consultants perform optimal fittings for a multitude of contact lenses for all activities to provide a life glasses free. 

We have disposable, toric, extended wear, rigid gas permeable lenses and correction for various eye problems such as keratoconus.

Contact lens fits usually take three to six visits depending upon the issues of your eye.  Each visit can take about an hour.  Do not wear eye makeup or lotions near your eyes or on your hands.

A refraction (to accurately check the prescription), keratometry reading (to obtain your corneal curvatures for contact lens movement and fit), tear film and dryness of the eye, eyelid hygiene and health and final visual results will be performed.  You will be taught how to manage the contacts, clean and disinfect, daily wearing, and when to dispose of the contacts and when to reorder.

The cost varies according to the complexity of your eyes.  The fitting fee for three visits is $300.00 and $500 for more complex lenses including toric, rigid gas permeable, bifocal, monovision,  patients under age 16, and cover multiple visits for six months.  Contacts are not covered by your insurance and therefore all fees are payable at the time of your visit.  Fitting fees are nonrefundable since they cover doctor-patient time and not whether the patient is able to wear the contacts.

Gayle Shimokaji M.D.

Board Certified


1000 South Eliseo Drive, Suite 203   

Greenbrae, California 94904



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